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Glen Howard Moore

TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY of "Lock-down"... March 29, 2020. God had a way to bless us throughout these past two years! We are posting from day one...God is so good. God always has a way for us to get focused on Him! The producers of this Podcast recognize all the hard and happy work that Jesus gave our Pastor, Pastor Glen H. Moore. PG prayed & asked the Lord for direction, God was faithful to answer him & his team. THEY WENT ONLINE IMMEDIATELY. In some cultures they say that, "Crisis equals OPPORTUNITY". Yes indeed, Pastor Glen Moore asked God for direction in this crisis & the Lord said, "I have an important opportunity for Torrance New Life Church. Don't stop! Dig deep dig harder, I am using you Glen & your team!!!"THANK YOU JESUS!TNLC motto- Encouragement & Growth In Our Lord Jesus Christ. It's ALL about Jesus!
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